Pest management providers are busy with mattress bug calls in Fort Wayne


FORT WAYNE, Ind (WPTA21) – Benjamin Williams is the owner of Ben’s Bugs Be Gone. He told ABC21 that they have received twice as many calls as they normally see this time of year.

The increase in requests for bed bug treatments goes back to the 6 months. Bed bugs are an important issue for the hospitality industry such as hotels, Airbnb and nursing homes.

William says, “Unfortunately, a lot of the elderly fall victim to heavy people. I’m talking about heavy sanitation like life-threatening bed bug situations.”

Benjamin said with the elderly people who have sensory issues, they don’t feel the bugs biting them, and this allows the bed bugs to have a constant source of blood. In this case, bed bugs can multiply by up to thousands in a few months.

“So we’re going to go into these houses and it’s nothing to find tens of thousands of bed bugs and I’m not exaggerating. After the treatment, we’ll see an inch or two-inch pile of dead bed bugs,” Williams said

The best way to check if your home has bed bugs is to check everything within a ten foot radius of your bed.