EcoPest Provide Releases Record of Prime 25 Mattress Bug Cities Throughout 2022

EcoPest Supply Releases List of Top 25 Bed Bug Cities During 2022

Austin, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EcoPest Supply, a leading provider of eco-friendly pest control products, has released its much-anticipated list of the 25 cities with the highest bed bug infestations in 2022.

The company analyzed a random sample of the cities of 50,000 customers in the United States who purchased bed bug detection and mitigation products in 2022. These products include their signature line of bed bug scavengers, a device designed to catch bed bugs attempting to climb furniture legs, and their popular bed bug sticky traps.

“We believe this is the most comprehensive study using the largest sample dataset of its kind,” said company spokeswoman Jessica Clark. Ms Clark noted, “Some bed bug service providers publish similar studies but do not cover parts of the United States and/or base their results on a much smaller data set.”

While the top 3 cities of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles come as no great surprise as they are major metropolitan areas and hubs for international travel, EcoPest Supply has produced a second list based on 2020 US Census Bureau data to the population has been adjusted. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania takes the unfortunate top spot on this list. For the full list and analysis, see: Top Cities For Bed Bugs In 2022

“Our internal data shows an increase in bed bug activity in 2022 versus 2021,” said Chuck Felici, vice president of sales and business development. “While bed bug prevalence has generally increased since the 1990s, we believe the post-COVID resurgence in travel has been the primary reason for the recent spread over the year.”

Felici added, “Bed bugs are one of the most damaging and difficult to eradicate pests, so it’s important to seek qualified, professional help at the first sign of trouble.”

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