Considerations raised about Dorset takeaway after ‘rodents seen’


A TAKEAWAY was ordered to take action after boxes of wet chickens were seen on the floor and rodents in its outdoor yard.

U Takeaway, based on East Street in the Blandford Forum, is a Chinese takeout company that has been operating since May 2019.

The restaurant, which was rated 4.3 out of 5 in Google reviews, has been described by customers as “the best Chinese in town” with “always fresh food, nice owners and decent prices”.

U Takeaway previously received a rating of four in its last two inspections on August 8, 2019 and April 14, 2021.

But the restaurant was visited on Wednesday May 19 by an inspector who rated – and given a grade – the hygienic handling of food, the cleanliness and condition of the facilities and the building, and the management of food safety.

What ratings has U Takeaway received after the food hygiene inspection with a rating? Image: Food Standards Agency

The hygienic handling of food and the cleanliness and condition of facilities and buildings were both rated as “generally satisfactory”, but one inspector found that the management of food safety “required significant improvements”.

Food Safety Management is defined by the Food Standards Agency as “a system or controls to ensure that food sold or served is safe to consume, evidence that staff is aware of food safety and the food safety officer has confidence that the standards are being followed “. in the future.’

A spokesman for the diner said “massive improvements” had already been made to the diner, claiming the rats were actually mice. He added that pest control had visited the premises to address the rodent problem.

What was in the food hygiene report

The full report, viewed by Dorset Echo, mentioned issues with food safety management, including the storage of wet chickens as well as rats in the area.

It says: “At the time of your visit, your SFBB (Safer Food, Better Business) package on April 14, 2021 had not yet been completed as recommended. This has to be done daily.

“At the time of the visit, boxes of wet chicken were being stored outside and the prep was being done outside. This has to be done inside.

“There were several open foods that had to be put in the refrigerator.

“The outer courtyard has yet to be tidied up and the FBO (food business operator) had sighted rats and laid bait.”

Takeaway “took immediate action” and requested a follow-up examination

Dorset Echo: Outside U Takeaway in Blandford Forum town center.  Image: The Local Data CompanyOutside U Takeaway in Blandford Forum town center. Image: The Local Data Company

Speaking to Dorset Echo after the inspection, a diner spokesman claimed that the boxes of wet chicken were due to a recent shipment and that they were removed “directly” from the floor.

He also claimed that the rats were actually mice – but that the venue “took immediate action” and called pest control to investigate the problem. He added that no rodents were seen in the premises.

He said, “We have made some massive improvements since the May 19 report.

“The situation with the ‘rats’ was actually a mouse and none was in the store, and I acted immediately and called Pest Control, which came out within a few days of the call.

“You are laying bait and are back this month and should be making fewer visits now that the problem has been sorted and monitored.”

He said he was arranging a new inspection in the coming weeks to improve the assessment.