Behold! Mystical termite mound appears like Thai ghostboy


The villagers in northeast Thailand found a termite mound that they insist on looks exactly like Thailand’s auspicious boy spirit.

The mound was discovered yesterday in the middle of the jungle surrounding the Ban Khok Klan community in Surin Province and quickly drew attention to its resemblance to Ai Khai, a centuries-old spirt who drew thousands to a temple in the south.

Ai Khai Rising: The cult of the prankster Ghost Boy explodes in the pandemic in Thailand

While some hold up the blessed insect nest as a blessing from Mother Nature – people are already lining up to receive the lottery number’s wisdom – others say it was probably carved by a very crafty local monk to make it the en vogue Mind resembles.

Ai Khai is a prankster spirit who has become so popular in recent years that it now has a network of temples across the country. He is believed to be the late disciple and servant of an experienced monk who commissioned him to protect a temple, a mission to which he remained faithful even after his death there.

Like all things divine, Ai Khai has demonstrated his divinity to many through important articles of faith: winning lottery numbers.

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