Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: All Bug Areas


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD‘s world has twelve different types of beetles that you can catch to make various strong infusions or to sell them for tasty profits.

To catch bugs you first need to collect the bug net from Beedle’s Airshop for 50 rupees and then you can hunt in the different regions of the game. While not strictly necessary to successfully progress through Link’s Adventure – at least not on the standard difficulty – they are a pretty useful source of rupees and give you some nice powerful potions for boss battles. And hey, collecting is just fun, isn’t it?

That’s why we’ve put together this Skyward Sword Bug Guide to show you where to find each bug in the game, how much it’s worth to sell, and what Infusion Potions you can make with each of them. Happy hunting!

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First steps with errors

As mentioned earlier, you need to get a bug net from Beedle, but there are a few other things you should know to maximize your troubleshooting. First, if you want to sell your beetles, you can do so by visiting Strich in his room in the knight academy, and this must be done at night. Since Strich only wants to buy three species of beetles at a time, you’ll often find that he’s not looking for the ones you currently have. To replenish his insect needs, you can just jump in his bed and sleep until the next night. Sorted! Later in the game – once Bilocyte is defeated – you can find Dash over on Bug Island in the Thunderhead region of The Sky, where he has a mini-game called Bug Heaven.

To use bugs to infuse your various potions, you’ll need to visit Bertie at the bazaar where he’ll chop them into all of the potions you currently have on you to give them a nice big boost.

Another tip related to bugs is to find a bug medal and equip it. You can purchase this item from Beedle’s Airshop for Rs 1,000 (or 500 if it’s your first purchase after completing Beedle’s side quest) and equipping it will mark areas on your in-game map that are likely to have bugs hanging around – although it does not specify exactly what type of bug it is.

With all of that in mind, let’s move on to the mistakes themselves, right?

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Bugs Guide

Blessed butterfly

Hunting grounds: Skyloft – Sealed Terrain – Lanayru – Eldin Volcano – Faron Woods

Value: 5 rupees

Infusion potion type: Heart potion + (3) – Heart potion ++ (3) – Guardian potion + (3)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has blessed butterflies all over the place, and besides being useful for potions or selling for a profit, these little blue-purple guys also hang out in groups of three in areas where Link can play his Harp to reveal Goddess Walls and Gossip Stones. How useful!

Forest rhinoceros beetle

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Hunting grounds: Faron Woods – Deep Woods – Sealed Grounds

Value: 20 rupees

Infusion potion type: Heart potion + (1) – Revitalizing potion + (2) – Revitalizing potion ++ (2)

Found in the Faron Woods, Deep Woods, and Sealed Grounds areas of the game, Woodland Rhino Beetles are one of the few species of beetles that doesn’t require a net for. Just jump and roll into the grapevine-covered wall they are clinging to and they will fall to the ground for you to pick up.

Deku hornet

Hunting grounds: Faron Woods – Deep Woods

Value: 1 rupee

Infusion Potion Type: Heart Potion ++ (3) – Revitalizing Potion + (3)

You can find Deku Hornet beehives on trees in the Faron Woods and Deep Woods regions. Disturb the beehives by getting too close or shoot them down with your slingshot and you will soon find yourself surrounded by these little guys who will allow you to catch absolutely loads of them in your insect web. Remember that in addition to collecting rupees and potion ingredients, Deku Hornets can also be used as a weapon against your enemies. Just use the improved Beetle Tool to fly into a hornet stick, snap it, and then toss it at your chosen enemy for a caustic effect.

Starry firefly

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Hunting spots: Skyloft (mostly near water) – Beedle’s Island – Pumpkin Landing

Value: 30 rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Guardian Potion + (3)

A beetle that can obviously only be found at night, Starry Fireflies hang around the Skyloft, Beedle’s Island and Pumpkin Landing. Starry Fireflies are quite uncommon, and therefore a little more valuable compared to some other beetles, but there are a way or two to ensure you can catch them as needed. Most importantly, you can make sure you catch a few of these little guys by visiting Beedle’s Island at night, where you’re sure to find a few in the same spot every time.

Sky stag beetle

Hunting grounds: Skyloft – Beedle’s Island (at night)

Value: 20 rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Endurance Potion + (2) – Air Potion (2)

The Sky Stag Beetle is pretty much only found in Skyloft – though we’ve heard a rumor that there might be one on Beedles Island too – and Link can catch it by packing it into its net OR by hitting it on any surface rolls to shake them off. A good place to find sky stag beetles on a regular basis – although there are never too many at once – is on a large tree that stands right at the lower entrance to the Knight’s Academy. You might also get lucky near the windmill near the bazaar.

Skyloft Mantis

Hunting grounds: Skyloft – pumpkin landing

Value: 10 rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Air Potion + (2) – Revitalizing Potion + (2)

The Skyloft Mantis can be a pretty tricky mistake as they like to hide and prefer the cover of darkness. You can find them under pots in the Skyloft (see near the Knight’s Academy) and we were also lucky enough to get one or two in the pumpkin field at Gondo’s, on Pumpkin Landing and in the waterfall cave. You have to sneak up on your web and be extra careful trying to catch these little guys.

Volcanic ladybug

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Hunting grounds: Eldin volcano

Value: 20 rupees

Infusion potion type: Heart potion + (1) – Endurance potion + (3)

As the name suggests, volcanic ladybugs can be found in the game’s Eldin volcano. They move very slowly and are usually found in groups of two or three. They’re pretty easy to spot on walls when you move around this area.

Eldin role

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Hunting grounds: Eldin volcano – earth temple

Value: 40 rupees

Infusion potion type: Heart potion ++ (1) – Guardian potion + (2)

Another resident of the Eldin volcanic region, the Eldon Roller, is a dung beetle in every way. You can find these little guys shoving their … whatever that is … on the floor all over this area of ​​the game, and in particular, you’ll notice them popping out while you dig with your gloves on. Grabbing the Eldin reel in your web takes some care as they are pretty quick, easy to scare, and even easier to accidentally step on.

Gerudo dragonfly

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Hunting grounds: Lanaryu desert

Value: 30 rupees

Infusion potion type: Endurance potion + – Revitalizing potion ++

The Gerudo dragonfly, which lives in the Lanaryu region, can most often be found in groups of two and is fairly common and easy to spot – although you can have a little work on your hands actually networking them as they get too quickly take are flight when you are around. The best way to catch these little guys – as with any particularly nervous bug in the game – is to target them and slowly crawl on them with your net already in place before you hit them quickly within range. Animal Crossing fans will know exactly how to do this.

Sand cicada

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Hunting areas: Lanayru Desert – Sand Sea – Skipper’s Retreat – Pirate Fortress

Value: 50 rupees

Infusion potion type: Heart potion ++ (1) – Revitalizing potion ++ (1)

Thanks to a noticeable buzz emanating from this particular beetle, it’s pretty easy to find one or two when hunting in and around the Lanayru region. These guys may then be relatively easy to find, but they are absolutely not easy to catch. You need to use the stealth mechanics we mentioned earlier and make sure your network stays silent and Link out of sight in order to strike successfully and snag one for yourself. The best areas to find a sand cicada are at the entrance to the Lanayru Sand Sea, on the roof of Skipper’s Retreat, and around the entrance to the pirate fortress.

Faron grasshopper

Hunting Areas: Faron Forest – Sealed Terrain – Sealed Temple – Floria Waterfall

Value: 40 rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Endurance Potion + (1) – Guardian Potion + (1)

These little grasshoppers found all over Faron Woods are sure to move quickly and are another bug that requires a bit of stealth to catch successfully. There are plenty of them around so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them. Just be careful not to crush them with your feet and always approach slowly from behind when trying to catch a few. Beyond the forest itself, you can also find Faron Locusts in the sealed floors, the sealed temple (look under the pots), and the Floria waterfall.

Lanayru Ant

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Hunting areas: Lanayru Desert – Lanaryu Gorge – Temples of Time – Lanayru Caves

Value: 20 rupees

Infusion Potion Type: Revitalizing Potion ++ (3) – Air Potion + (2)

Our final bug entry, the Lanayru ant – and you won’t believe this – can only be found in the game’s Lanayru region. Using the digging gloves can help you find some of these types, and they’re pretty easy to catch simply by frantically waving your web in the general direction of a large amount of them. You’ll also find Lanayru ants as you use your bellows to blow piles of dust, lift pots, and crawl around on sinking sand.

Well, that’s about it for this bug guide too, but why not head over to our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD hub for more guides and strategies for the game?