Youngstown rock band The Vindys to launch much-anticipated second album ‘Bugs’


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Popular Youngstown band The Vindys have been ready to release their second album, Bugs, for over a year.

But the project, which was recorded with Mike Estock at Court Street Recording Studio in Canfield in early 2020, was put on hold when the coronavirus pandemic hit Ohio in spring 2020, singer Jackie Popovec said. The Vindys had hoped to support the album with live shows that were largely canceled due to COVID-19.

“We’re not Taylor Swift; We can’t turn things off and call it a day at midnight. I wish that maybe one day, ”said Popovec. “I think over the past four or five months it has been more of a relief planning that it would come out this summer.”

With “Bugs” releasing at midnight on Saturday, July 31st, The Vindys will be performing again at venues and festivals in northeast Ohio through the rest of 2021. The band is just taking the stage at the WonderStruck Music Festival on Sunday July 25th.

Listen to the album’s new, self-titled single on Spotify.

The album strikes a different sound than previous Vindys releases, moves away from the band’s blues and jazz roots and moves into tougher rock territory. But the Youngstown standout sounds just as fabulous as ever, with Popovec’s vocals taking center stage.

Songs like “Judas” and “Don’t Tell Me Just Love Me” contain heavy guitar licks, the latter even with a powerful scream from Popovec. A couple of singles that have already been released round off the 10-song project, such as the bluesy tracks “If I Want” and “Want Your Heart” as well as the rocky single “Are You Ready” and the gentle “Morning Light”.

A brass section spices up bluesy tracks like “No One Can Tell Me” and “Misery”, and the band borrows from a newfound pop focus on “Bugs” – a song mixed by Ryan West who is known for his work with Rihanna. Jay-Z and Eminem.

The album name “Bugs” was inspired by two meanings of the word, Popovec said.

One was literal: the singer was inspired by a harrowing case of yellow vest wasps that lived in the walls of her home about two years ago. She had a beekeeper remove the stinging insects after hearing about local problems with wasps and bees on the local news.

“I was in bed for about six months and could hear the sound of rice crispies right above my head in my blanket. For six months it got louder and louder, ”said Popovec.

The other meaning of “bugs” is slang – a synonym for “disturb”.

“The word ‘bugs’ is definitely symbolic of what songwriting means to me,” said Popovec. “It’s something that annoys me that I have to write down and get off my chest.”

Unlike previous releases by The Vindys, which were written exclusively by Popovec, “Bugs” was a true group performance. Popovec said she shared co-writers of the album with her bandmates – guitarist John Anthony, guitarist Rick Deak, drummer Ed Davis and bassist Matt Jackson.

The crew has been together since 2014, starting out as a local cover band and later bringing their original melodies into the mix. The Vindys released their first album, Keep Going, in 2017, and the project won fans across Ohio for its vintage sound.

“That first record was honestly a very mixed bag that we just felt good about, so we released it as such,” said Popovec. “This time it was more thoughtful what we did.”

Left to right: band members John Anthony, Matt Jackson, Jackie Popovec, Ed Davis, Rick Deak. (Courtesy photo by Cusano Photography)

While it took four years to get the second album out, The Vindys plan to hit a faster pace in the future. The group is already working on their third album and hopes to release it in the summer of 2022.

“With COVID we had a lot more time to think about the next album,” said Popovec. “We’re already working on it. I have to put things out. There are a lot of good things coming. “

The Vindys have a number of concerts planned for the summer and fall seasons, and more are in preparation. On Saturday, July 31st at 7:30 pm, the band will perform their only hometown show in 2021 at the Youngstown Foundation Amphitheater to celebrate the release of “Bugs”. Tickets to the show cost $ 10 to $ 20 and are available from Ticketmaster.

After that, The Vindys have several shows planned in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois – including two music boxing shows in Cleveland in November and a seat on Stage AE in Pittsburgh for a fundraiser called Women Who Rock in October.

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