‘Worst case of neglect he has ever seen’, lady, 85, lined in bugs, urine and feces, police say – FOX13 Information Memphis


Memphis, Tennessee – Daughter is charged with two offenses after her mother is found in deplorable living conditions.

According to the Memphis Police Department, officers responded to a call to a house on Duke St. and saw an 85-year-old woman being loaded into an ambulance by members of the Memphis Fire Department wearing protective suits.

Police said 85-year-old Betty Harber was covered in bed bugs, urine and feces and found sleeping on dirty sheets on a mattress on the floor of the house.

According to police, MFD found more soiled sheets and blankets in the house, a house that was covered with trash and was in poor overall condition.

The smell coming from the house was so strong that it allegedly prevented uniformed Memphis police officers from entering the house.

A lieutenant in the Memphis Fire Department said it was “the worst case of neglect he has ever seen,” according to a police affidavit.

Police said June Harber, 57, was arriving at the house soon and told police that she was the primary caregiver for her mother, Betty Harber.

When she arrived at St. Francis Hospital, Betty Harber was diagnosed with pneumonia, dementia with delirium and pressure sores while suffering from malnutrition, police said.

June Harber was arrested and charged with gross neglect of an older 70+ or ​​vulnerable adult and a charge of gross abuse of an older 70+ or ​​vulnerable adult.

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