Winter gardening professional ideas; take root and prune

Winter gardening pro tips; take root and prune

Professional tips for the conservatory

Professional tips for the conservatory


Gardening at home is one of those pandemic-era hobbies that has really picked up steam, and with this wintry weather many are wondering how best to take care of their gardens.

Gary Matsuoka of Laguna Hills Nursery in Santa Ana said winter is the time to prune fruit trees and plant root crops like carrots, beets and radishes — and leafy greens. Rose bushes should wait for pruning. Matsuoka said rain can cause diseases for roses, so it’s best to just wait for spring when the leaves fall.

For tropical plants that thrive in warmer weather, place them indoors once potted. Matsuoka advises lighting them or placing a blanket over the plant when they are in the ground. “Your roots can actually freeze, so covering them with anything will keep the radiation freeze at bay,” Matsuoka said.

A few more conservatory tips:

— Empty the dishes under plants after the rain; Standing water invites plant diseases that can rot roots.

— Disinfect secateurs with rubbing alcohol or bleach to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and plant viruses.

— Winter is the time for big cleanups. To promote a healthy garden, clear away yard debris to limit wintering areas for pests.

— Start a watering schedule during wet weather to limit fungal growth. This usually means doing it early in the morning so mushrooms that prefer dark and humid environments don’t get a chance to grow.

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