What do we wish? Rights for Rodents!


There was chaos in downtown Sydney this morning when a large Group of animal activists descended World place, which houses the office of Animal rights organization, Humans for the ethical treatment of animals.

But these were unique activists. Estimates vary, but up to a million Rats and Mice overrun the site, blocking access to Shops, restaurants, offices, and residential units Rydges World Square Hotel and Demanding Rodent self-determination and an end PETA speaks on their behalf.

Traffic came to a standstill as mice and rats scthrown on and around vehicles on the premises and in parts of Liverpool Street. Pedestrian, Office worker, business and restaurant Staff and patron were seen running and screaming and trying to escape from it teeming rodents whose singing was::What do we want? Rights for rodents! When do we want it? Now!”

Rodents raved about seating and tables, over counters and around the square. There was an onslaught in which ten people were injured, from cuts and bruises to broken bones. A person broke his leg and required stitches if a driver who is distracted for a moment by mice crawling over hI amran into the fleeing crowd.

I’ve never seen anything like it, ” said one injured Eyewitness, a PETA employee who only spoke about the promise of anonymity because of His anxiety of rodent reprisals.

“In a minute, I was standing in line, waiting for my soy caramel fairtrade macchiato and my vegan bagel. The next rats and mice were everywhere. I tried to escape but stumbled trying not to step on the cute little creatures. It was terrible. Why do they hate us? We were just trying to help. “

A spokesman for rodents, Mortimer Mouse (pronoun theY./them) emotionally announced that They were fed up with the stereotypes assigned to them and the grueling treatment they receive from people.

“How would you like to be called an infestation or a plague? And the catchphrase for a group of mice is calamity. We have decided to really harm them at this rally.

“And why does the entertainment industry, Disney in particular, portray us either as evil rat arch villains like in ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ or as cute high-pitched mice like in ‘Cinderella’?

“We are no longer silenced. We demand that speciesist rodent suppression end now. “

Mortimer saved some of his fiercest criticisms for PETA, its spokesman Aleesha Naxakis caused controversy with yesterday statement about the rodent plague that is currently causing to $100 million damage, a mental health crisis, and an increase in rodent-borne diseases in east New South Wales.

Naxakis suggested to NCA Newswire that farmers consider the welfare of mice and use a “capture and release” approach rather than poison killing them, saying, “These bright, curious animals are only looking for food in order to survive. You shouldn’t lose that right because of the dangerous notion of human domination. “

In a subsequent one Appearance on Channel Seven’s S.revolt Naxakis said:Humane controls like humane trapping and birth control should have been put in place by the government months ago, in fact ages ago, to keep this situation under control. ”

Mortimer mouse, In a prepared statement it says: “PETA activists are the ultimate speciesists. How dare they believe they can speak for us? We’re tired of their patriarchal approach to animal rights. They do not share our lived experience and can never understand rodent genetic trauma. We will work for this on our own behalf. “

you delivered a Mouse manifesto for PETA employees on behalf of Australian rodents and The audience has get exclusive access to this document. Despite damage from nibbling at the edges, we can report some of their demands::

We call for an end to the mistreatment and killing of rodents.

We demand freedom of choice about our own affairs and an end to the stereotyping of rodents.

We demand a safe environment, free from all violence, including violent language.

We’re not going to stand for “humane catch” and “catch and release” programs. We demand that people recognize our unique and ancient connection to the countries we occupy. We want to live from our traditional countries and have self-determination.

Our reproductive rights are inalienable and we completely oppose any attempt at human birth control of rodents. Our rodent scientists use our unique rodent knowledge methods to develop rodent-oriented methods of contraception.

MAP Staff locked themselves in their office and disconnected their phones at the first sign of the invasion. We couldn’t contact them comment.