Watch an Uncommon Ensemble of Bugs Take Flight in Excessive Sluggish Movement


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Photography science

#insect # slow motion #video

August 21, 2020

Grace Ebert

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In what is presumably the first film of its kind, a breathtaking slow-motion video by Dr. Adrian Smith introduced a rare group of insects as they lifted off the ground. The NC State assistant professor used a black light to attract unusual insects, such as a feather moth, an eastern firefly, and a rosy maple moth that Smith notes “resembles a flying muppet.” He then recorded the creatures’ flight maneuvers at 3,200 fps to capture their unique wing movements, which he explains with each step. The macro lens also reveals the tiny details of their limbs and furry bodies, and offers a rare glimpse of the insects up close.

Smith has shot a number of slow-motion footage that he shares on YouTube, including ants injecting venom and various hoppers launching from the ground. (via PetaPixel)

#insect # slow motion #video

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