Useless rodents and falsified data amongst causes for 3 closures in Could


The Irish Food Safety Authority (FSAI) announced that three shutdown orders were issued to food businesses in May for violations of food safety legislation.

A closure order has been served in accordance with European Union Regulations, 2020: Kens Oriental Restaurant, 1st Floor, Quintins Way, Nenagh, Tipperary

Two other closure orders have been served under the FSAI Act of 1998: Factory Canteen operated independently from KC Catering at ABP Food Group, Bandon, Cork and Your Stop NR Farranree (retailer), Farranree, Cork.

Some of the reasons for the May closure orders were: rodent activity including dead rodents under the freezer in the food preparation area and under a freezer in the storage room off the kitchen; Rodent droppings in a container in the food preparation area, where food contact devices were stored.

There was also evidence of rodent damage to pasta packages; food rooms that are not kept in a clean and hygienic condition; Plumbing problems caused damage to the floor and caused water to build up on the floor; part of the floor was damaged and not in a suitable condition to be effectively cleaned.

Falsified food safety records and the lack of a food safety management system were also found, which increases the risk of food contamination and poses a risk to food safety.

In her comment, Dr. Pamela Byrne, Managing Director of FSAI, that all food companies must take responsibility and commit to ensuring high food safety standards and compliance with food law.

She said: “Food inspectors continue to find unacceptable levels of non-compliance with food safety laws in some food businesses.

“It is a legal requirement for all food companies to protect their premises from pests and to keep them clean.

“But inspectors regularly find incidents of rodent infestation and dirty rooms that indicate a disregard for basic food safety management.”

She said consumers have a right to safe food and are encouraged to use their online complaint form at if they are concerned or suspect that there is evidence of unusual activity by a food company to turn them over. makeitbetter / and examine it.