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Unipest Termite and Pest Control put a smoke bomb to the test to get rid of gophers for a customer.

The smoke bomb is called the “giant destroyer”. The first step in trying to get rid of gophers is to make sure that you are actually dealing with gophers. It can be very difficult to tell what kind of mammals you are dealing with if you never see what they look like.

Since gophers often hide from people, you may need to consult a professional.

The obvious signs of gophers are tunnels in dirt and dirt. There will be extensive tunneling work as gophers attempt to create various breaks and tunnels through the ground. Because gophers are removing soil when building these tunnels, there will be a lot of dirt on your lawn.

This is an obvious sign that something is digging through your lawn.

The second step is having the right protective equipment and tools. You need protective goggles and protective gloves. Unipest uses a trowel to make it easy for you to dig up the ground and get into the tunnels. It is important not to waste the smoke bomb by not digging all the way into the tunnels.

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The trowel has to dig deep enough for the smoke to get through the tunnels. You should then light the smoke bomb and make sure the fuse is pointing into the tunnel head first so the gas can stay in the tunnels. You should also cover the tunnel to keep the gas in the tunnels.

The “Giant Destroyer” smoke bomb is not a perfect solution for gophers. Even the workers at Unipest are not sure that it will work one hundred percent. However, it’s a great, inexpensive alternative for getting rid of gophers. If the Gophers stop coming, it’s safe to say the smoke bomb worked.

Unipest Termite and Pest Control in Santa Clarita recommends the smoke bomb for small gophers. If there is a huge infestation, they recommend using a trapping system so you can physically see whether or not you caught the gopher.

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