U.S. Lawmakers Demand HUD ‘Swiftly Study’ Mould, Rodents, Different Points At Concordia Place Flats – CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) Legislators are taking action after several reports from CBS 2 shedding light on mice, decay and mold in the Concordia Place apartments on the Far South Side.

US Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth (D-Illinois) as well as US Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Illinois) called the USA on Tuesday. Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to “quickly investigate” the issues there.

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In a letter they also said: “Nobody should have to live under the conditions specified by the residents of the Concordia Place apartment complex.”

CBS 2 first reported problems at Concordia Place, 13037 S. Daniel Dr. in the Riverdale neighborhood.

We discovered that the dumpsters in Concordia were being dragged away for some reason. The residents of more than 200 apartments had no space to put their garbage bags down for at least three days.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition continued to engage, and residents showed Jackson and his colleagues the mold and mouse droppings in their units.

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“You can hear them crawling on the walls at night … just scratching and trying to get in,” said one renter. “I cried the other day. I’m kind of emotional right now. “

“I see how we lived out here,” she added. “We accepted it because we had no leadership.”

“I had rodents in abundance,” said another tenant. “The mice would run me out sometimes.”

“My neighbor said, ‘Baby, what are you doing in your car?’ I said, “The mice have taken over.” My friend says, “Are you going to let the mice win?” I said yes, “she added.” I didn’t pay to keep mice up here … we shouldn’t live like this. A dog lives better than this. “

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Concordia Place said in a statement last week that there is an open connection with HUD, the City of Chicago and Rainbow / PUSH and that all complaints from residents are being processed – with the aim of ensuring full compliance by the end of this week.