‘Tis the season for flying bugs that may destroy your own home. So are you doing all you’ll be able to to forestall the dreaded termite invasion? – 95.5 WSB


This is the time of year termite infestation is at the top of our “What Can Go Wrong At Home” list.

To be honest, here in Georgia, fighting termites is a 12 month fight around the clock, but thoughts of the little house robbers are on everyone’s lips right now. So let’s see what you do in your home.

First, you know this: termites are everywhere. Even around a freshly treated house, termites could easily live in the yard. The key is not to allow them to cross the threshold into your home.

So let’s say you have had treatment in the past. Is that good enough

In general, a house needs to be re-treated about every 5 years. I would guess that most of the homes in the subway are not covered with a topical termite treatment.

There are two types of treatments your home can be considered treated with – a liquid version (termidor) and a bait station treatment.

I’m a fan of liquid termite treatment for several reasons.

First, I am not completely convinced of the bait systems that require regular inspection by your pest control company (inspection should be done quarterly). When you get the liquid treatment, you know you have the termite venom around your house, whether or not the pest exterminator shows up.

The bait stations, on the other hand, are installed approximately every 20 feet in your soil. They are usually filled with wood. If your pest control company finds termites in the bait station during a regular inspection, it will treat your home with a liquid poison to kill the termites.

(Ironic stake here – the poison pest control companies are currently using is ta da – termidor – the same stuff you could have ditched from the start.)

Also – you don’t own the bait system if that’s the route you’re taking. Often times, the pest control company owns the system. If you are behind in your payments, they can take it out.

This is perhaps the most important thing to know about the bait systems: when you choose a bait system, you are buying the company that installs it, just as you are buying the system.

You need to invest your money in a company that has the where-and-what, the staff to conduct regular inspections and is able to act if problems arise.

Pest control companies also offer several types of repair warranties. Some companies even have their own construction departments to get the job done, which is lovely.

Know this, however – if your home has an up-to-date termite treatment, with regular inspections and termite damage, the chances of your home suffering major damage are small. Unlike cartoons, termites don’t blaze through a house in minutes.

Keep this in mind when considering guarantees.

One more thing – fluid treatments and bait treatments should be done at roughly the same cost. Find a company that offers both, then make your decision.

Happy hunting. Termite hunting that is …