The Corona Extendable Deal with Weeder Makes Gardening Ache-Free


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Clearing weeds in your garden will keep overall health intact, but you don’t want to compromise your overall health in the process. If you have back or knee pain looking after your garden, the Corona Extendable Handle Weeder can give you some relief: it allows you to remove weeds while standing.

The “must-have” weed killer is made from strong yet lightweight aluminum so you won’t get tired when you carry it around your garden. The tine bottom allows you to get under the root of the weed and pull it all the way up without leaving anything behind. The device is also fully heat treated, making it extra durable and the handle has a reach of 32 inches.

One shopper who calls this his “favorite gardening tool” says, “This thing is very high quality. Much powerful enough for the jobs you might want to use it for. [It’s] Death on weeds. I am 66 years old and in a power wheelchair due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I used to have problems pulling weeds by hand, but no longer. When you plant the razor sharp tines deep on the other side of a weed, pull up the roots and everything is a breeze. “

Another customer echoed that feeling: “This thing is perfect for me. I have to sit while I work in the garden, which gives me a lot of reach. It’s narrow enough to get between bushes and sturdy enough to scraping the edge of the grass to get a nice, clean edge. Use the lengthened or shortened tool – it’s great. “

Buyers have found clever uses for the device other than weeding. They use it to remove leaves from their gutters, dig for clams, clear debris before pitching a tent for camping, and even to stir up their compost bins.