Sluggish-Mo Movies Seize Flying Bugs’ True Magnificence


While insects are often undesirable in our homes, they are beautiful in many ways. Or at least fascinating to look at, especially when they’re flying around in slow motion. We know this because Dr. Adrian Smith has put together a series of slow motion insect flight videos that put the surprisingly cute creatures in a new light.

Laughing Squid found Smith’s videos, which he posted on his social media accounts and on the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science’s YouTube channel “Ant Lab”. Smith, the director of the museum’s evolutionary biology and behavior research laboratory, makes most of the station’s videos.

As Smith notes in the video just below, “he was just doing the weird things” when selecting insects to capture in slow motion. These insects include various flying bugs such as feather moths, stone flies and lacewings. And each of the creature types has a flight pattern that is as unique as its name.

Featured image: Ant Lab