September Should Do’s for ETX Gardening? Consultants Share Recommendation Right here


Every year I try to learn a little more about gardening.

Digging in the ground has undeniable advantages. It relieves stress, it makes everything more beautiful and there is something very original about putting your hands in the dirt and making life grow.

I can’t remember ever spending time outside in the yard and / or tending the lawn. It makes you happy, tired, it is useful exercise, and when you grow food or herbs you have the added benefit of enjoying the fruits of your labor for weeks or months to come. Win.

Gabriel Jimenez, Unsplash

Although I sometimes read gardening magazines, they are often general in nature. And as you and I both know What grows well here and what is best to do at what time is very different if you live in California or Pennsylvania, as opposed to here in East Texas.

So I was thrilled to come across a resource here in our forest that offers specific gardening tips for us.

So if you are a budding master gardener like me or have had a green thumb for years and just want a refresher, Here are some East Texas-specific must-do’s for September for your gardening right here at home, courtesy of Greg Grant of

September gardening tips for East Texas:

Prepare your beds. Now is a good time to add compost to your beds to enrich the soil and prepare it for your plantings. If you’re considering planting ox blood and / or spider lily bulbs, Grant suggests that you “dig and divide them while they’re in bloom or just finished”.

You should add about 3 inches of mulch to stop weed growth. Plus mulch is a great protection against possible winter damage. AND if we have another winter storm like the beginning of the year, that becomes even more important.

It’s time to plant these leafy vegetables in the cold weather! These include parsley, cilantro, dill, kale, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, etc. I first planted kale a few years ago and it was so much fun watching it bear fruit. And I didn’t even know we CAN grow broccoli in ETX. 🙂

If you have it, you want it stop adding fertilizer to any remaining tropical plants or perennials in warm weather. This is also a good time to Trim these hedges and shrubs one last time before the cold.

Speaking of trimming, Grant suggests: easy shearing of rose bushes and even antique roses if you want to see beautiful fall blooms. However, he says it is best to “stop shearing” Fall-blooming perennials such as garden mothers, cigar plants, and Mexican bush sage to enable fall bloom. “

Ricardo Resende, Unsplash

Don’t you just like to see them? Wildflowers in spring? If you do then NOW is the time to plant them. You just need to cover them just barely for the best results. However, you want to pound the ground into place.

This is a good month to go “Winterize” your lawn. You can check out the recommended ratios from the link added below, not to mention more information about the process.

We must Look out for flies, mites, aphids, and all the other adorable flying creatures that will love to ravage your yard. You may want to bring some insecticidal soap or something similar to help manage them.

Get mums and pansies !! I love autumn flowers. I swear there are few easier ways to cheer yourself up and your porch than planting a few pansies. Although the name suggests they are tiny weekly flowers, I’ve often found them to be some of the warmest little flowers I’ve ever met. 😉 As long as you care for them a little.

More details on how to do exactly that? Also, check out other solutions, preparations, and so on that you may want to apply to your vegetables and other “green things”. Dive even deeper into a wealth of information for all other budding master gardeners.

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