Rat menace: Rodents injury roots of bushes in Firm Bagh : The Tribune India

Rat menace: Rodents damage roots of trees in Company Bagh : The Tribune India

Charnajit Singh Teja

Tribune Intelligence Services

Amritsar, January 8th

Centuries-old trees in historic Ram Bagh are threatened by rats. Many rare trees in the Ram Bagh, which usually grow in the Himalayas and Nilgiri Hills, face an uncertain future due to the actions of the people and the apathy of the city government.

Attorney PC Shrama, a local resident, has written to the MC authorities about pest control in the historic garden.

“It was quite difficult for these trees to survive in the prevailing environment. The garden is in dire need of maintenance. The rat population in the park has increased. Residents offer grains and legumes to birds and insects near the trees. The practice has led to rats making their holes near trees. In doing so, they damage the roots of the trees,” says Sharma. “It is sad that the condition of the trees is miserable. There is no maintenance of the garden,” he said.

Parkash Singh Bhatti, an environmentalist, said: “Several rat holes can be seen around the trunks of various trees. When it rains, water enters these holes and the trees tilt even after average winds. More than 500 trees have already fallen due to administrative errors. No official has ever inspected the park.”