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Pesky bugs swarm Tucson


TUCSON, Arizona (KOLD News 13) – It’s an insect invasion. If you see them almost everywhere, you are certainly not alone.

“In the desert, water is life, and right now we were seeing a great explosion of life in the desert,” said Gene Hall, insect collection manager at the University of Arizona.

Flies, mosquitoes and moths annoy many people in the city these days.

“We have so much water in the city during these rains that it gives most of them more space to reproduce,” Hall said.

The insect invasion has many people across town searching for tools like fly swatters, but hardware stores across Tucson say they are completely sold out.

“If you don’t want flies getting into your house, your best bet is to try not to have any doors open,” Hall said. “Make sure the screens on your windows are tight, make sure there are no gaps.”

As for mosquitos, he says the best thing to do is to make sure there is no stagnant water in your yard or near your home. And as for the moths, Hall says their population is booming right now because they feed on plants that grow because of the rain.

Hall says the moths are completely harmless and says to avoid them it is best to stay indoors and keep outdoor lighting to a minimum at night.

“The main thing is to take preventive measures at home to make sure these insects don’t easily get into your home,” Hall said. “You will likely stay outside for most of the remainder of the monsoon season.”

He says right now the best thing to do is try to enjoy them while they’re here.

“Guess what’s out there,” said Hall. “When you are outdoors, see what they do, how they live. Her life was fortunate to live in a place with the most insect diversity in North America. “

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