Micothon develops mega vacuum cleaner to do away with flying bugs

Micothon develops mega vacuum cleaner to do away with flying bugs

Two years ago, during a networking event, a chance meeting took place between Koppert Cress BV and Theo Straathof, the owner of Micothon BV. They brainstormed how to develop the most sustainable way to get rid of the flying insects in crops without the use of chemicals.

Theo Straathof shared his experience of a successful vacuum cleaner for a Helleborus grower with insect problems. The cress breeder always had this idea in the back of his mind.

In the summer of 2021, Theo received a call from Koppert Cress about his mega vacuum machine. The company was looking for a safe, professional and sustainable machine to get rid of the flying insects. Micothon was immediately willing to continue and adapt his original Helleborus vacuum cleaner.

The most important thing they had in mind when developing it was that the machine should be effective, easy to use and that it should work autonomously.

“We are pleased to announce that the mega vacuum has now been in operation for a few weeks. It works simply and effectively. All you need is a De Vette monorail system to hang the machine on to your crop’s needs, like suction power, speed and number of treatments,” says Theo.

Even before this type of crop protection was introduced worldwide, several lettuce and strawberry growers expressed their interest and asked for advice and solutions for their crops using this new technique. As such, Micothon will continue to refine the installation and ensure that this machine will be “the sustainable solution” for many cultures.

Micothon started in 2003 with fully automatic spraying robots for many types of greenhouses and plants. With air assistance, the spray robot ensures that the crop protection product covers almost 97% of the leaves, which makes the machine very effective in combating crop diseases.

After the spraying robots were used in greenhouses with vegetables, flowers and plants worldwide, Micothon realizes that crop protection products are short-term solutions, but will not be sufficient for forward-looking companies. For this reason, Micothon continues to develop machines that ensure plants stay healthy without chemical solutions.

In addition to the recently developed vacuum cleaning technology, Micothon also offers UVC solutions for all types of greenhouses and crops.

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