Methods to Take care of a Huge Mattress Bug Infestation in Jackson MS


Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is also the most populous city in the state. Since the city has a humid subtropical climate, it rains all year round with severe thunderstorms. Bug infestations are common in your Jackson, MS, homes due to the all-around humid city weather.

Data shows that one in five Americans has encountered bedbugs. The main problem with bedbugs is that they go unnoticed and can multiply quickly around your homes without being detected. Unless you wake up one day only to find that you have itchy skin. red welts Do you know that bed bugs in your arms or strange stains on your pillowcase can be the likely cause of the misery? If you are a victim of a bed bug infestation, your best bet is to seek professional bed bug solutions from experts who provide pest control in Jackson MS.

Here are some steps you can take to deal with a bed bug infestation in Jackson, MS:

No panic

Jackson has approximately 67,841 inhabited units with an average household size of 2.68. If your Jackson home is infected with bed bugs, the first step is to stay calm. No need to get hectic moving your furniture, throwing away the mattress, or tearing up carpets or rugs that you think might have bed bugs. Trying to use DIY pesticides against the insects may not work either. On the contrary, all of these can spread the infestation further to other parts of your home.

Bedbugs tend to spread quickly and are difficult to deal with, which can be a huge threat to you and your family. So it is best to contact pest control experts in Jackson MS to identify and get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Identify the source

Because pests or insects such as carpet beetles, arachnids, roaches, and bat bugs look similar to bed bugs, you can be quickly fooled. Bed bugs are nocturnal and more active at night. When it gets dark, use a flashlight to check whether your furniture, cracks, crevices, under the mattress, under joints or carpet seams, etc. are looking for insects, eggs or poured skin.

If you’ve recently bought furniture from thrift stores in Jackson, MS, they might be hiding there too. Bed bugs tend to be brown-black and can leave stains from digested blood on your home’s bedding. Look for any visible signs of bed bugs to make sure you have a problem.

The Mississippi State Department of Health has several resources to help you identify bed bugs and take remedial action.

Searching for help

Once you know you have bed bugs in your home, it’s time to seek help as treating bed bugs yourself may not be too effective or safe. If you are a tenant in Jackson, notify your landlord or inform affected authorities if you live in the HUD apartment buildings.

The current home ownership rate in Jackson, MS is 50.4%. If you own a Jackson home, it is recommended that you hire local demolition services from Pest control in Jackson MS Eliminate bed bugs. Rather than opting for DIY insecticides that may be ineffective, trust reliable bed bug killers in your area. You have access to professional equipment and expertise to deal with pesky mistakes.

If you go for DIY solutions that you might get from hardware stores or online stores, you will likely fix some bugs as you spread the rest and make the problem worse without permanent fix. On the other hand, reliable pest control service providers in Jackson will thoroughly inspect your home and apply the necessary solutions to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Clean up the clutter

A crowded home can create a favorable atmosphere for bed bugs to thrive in. Bed bugs survive whatever the weather – winter, spring, and summer in Jackson. Especially since Jackson has a relatively humid climate, temperate winters, hot summers, and evenly distributed rainfall, bed bugs can be a threat to homeowners in Jackson.

They can sneak in pretty much anywhere from clothing to luggage to shoes without getting trapped and massively distributed. Therefore, if you have a crowded home, consider reducing the number of hiding spots. You can also buy covers for your mattress and box spring beds. Also, make sure you buy high quality, compact furniture that is safe and bug tested.

If you think Jackson is hot or summer is it, MS may not pose a significant risk of bed bug infestations in your home. it couldn’t be. It is true that bed bugs cannot stand high temperatures. However, they only die when their body temperature reaches 47 degrees Celsius.

If you have faced a bed bug invasion in your Jackson, MS home and have tried everything you can to no avail, reach out to Pest Control bed bug killers in Jackson, MS who have been shown to have eliminated them.