Melissa McCarthy reveals what occurred after she was bitten by a bug in Australia


Melissa McCarthy had quite a bit of experience down under.

The Oscar-nominated star posted a video on Instagram Tuesday showing what happened after an unknown creature bit her in Australia. Her interview for the April issue of InStyle magazine was also mentioned in a post.

“After declaring my love for Australian critters to @instylemagazine, someone quickly reminded me that I conveniently forgot about the aftermath of some of those ‘magical’ bites …” she signed the video, a clue as to what the actor told the magazine about the things in the country that caught her imagination.

“I love that all the bugs and creatures are killing you,” says McCarthy before the video jumps over to her in bed with white towels on her forehead and wraps her around her hands and neck while “Exhibit A” is at the bottom of the screen .

The video then jumps back to McCarthy, who was in Australia last fall filming Nine Perfect Strangers for Hulu, to continue talking about the great things about the country.

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“I love that I saw a spider the size of my head,” she says as an image of a hunter spider splattered across the screen.

“I itch!” She screams as the video returns to her bed. “It has reached my face!”

Another off-screen voice declares, “She is in hand prison.”

“This is a hunter. I thought it was magical, ”McCarthy says when the video comes back to her and talks about the spider before we see her back in bed.

“Pretty bloated folks,” she says while “Exhibit B” flashes on the screen. “Good day my friend!”

McCarthy previously spoke about how she reacted after biting something in the middle of the night during her trip.

“Ninety-two percent of my body exploded in ways I didn’t know was possible,” she told Ellen DeGeneres last November.

“I wear an EpiPen because nobody knows. They say, “Could be anything.” So many things could have done this to you. My lip was out here, my eye was like this and I scratched like a hound and they said, “Could be one of a thousand things,” she added.