Mattress bugs present in Cuyahoga County workplace in September, officers nonetheless working to do away with them


CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cuyahoga County officials say they have worked since September 17 to clean up bed bugs found in a “unit” on the fourth floor of the county administrative office.

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“We had two salespeople in the building several times to see where they were and to get them out,” said Mary Louise Madigan, a Cuyahoga County spokeswoman. “We used dogs to recognize them and heat them up, as well as other treatments to get rid of them.”

Several people have contacted the I-Team and said the bed bugs made it difficult to submit documents to the Cuyahoga County recorder’s office.

“When I went down there I was turned away,” a woman who did not want to be identified told Fox 8. “I made appointments and they kept canceling them.”

District officials emphasize that the Transfer and Records Office has continued to accept filings and requests over the past few weeks. However, the I-Team received a batch of emails stating that some property and deed transfer dates have been canceled since mid-September.

“We’re assuming we’re no different from other large office buildings across Cleveland or much of the nation that have faced this type of problem at one point or another,” Madigan said.

District officials say no bed bugs were found Monday and another checkup and treatment is planned for Friday.

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