“Mattress Bugs and Past” Used Furnishings Retailer Coming to Troy


TROY – In this booming economy, Troy is squeezing another furniture business within its city limits: Bed Bugs and Beyond.

The business model is based on buying cheap but infested furniture and reselling it after thorough cleaning at an affordable price.

“We saw firsthand how many beautiful pieces of furniture are completely insect-infested. To our dismay, most people throw it in the trash. At Bed Bugs and Beyond, we know it’s never too late to renovate some bed bug-infested pillows and mattresses, ”said founder Linus Eugenson.

3 little cuties flit across a fine sofa.

“We know the average consumer is afraid of bed bugs. That’s why we focus on our intensive fumigation process to ensure that customers don’t bring a nest full of insects into their home, ”said COO Branden Conner.

Bed Bugs and Beyond claims its proprietary technology can kill any insect that dares to cross its path.

“Our world-class engineers have developed special insect vacuum cleaners, along with toxic sprays made with chemicals similar to Agent Orange. Our experts wear protective suits for maximum safety and give each piece of furniture 2 months to release the fumes. Otherwise, the poison is extremely deadly to humans, so we’re just safe, ”said Conner.

The store is located in the mall on the corner of Main Street and Dorset Avenue, conveniently next to one of Troy’s 8 subway restaurants. It is expected to open in June or when people are allowed to go outside again.

“It’s a bummer that we had to delay our launch, but surprisingly our investors haven’t pulled us out yet. If so, we’re screwed for saving over $ 600,000 on non-refundable cleaning chemicals, ”said Eugenson.

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