Man Loses Life Financial savings As Termites Eat Money Value Rs 5 Lakh Saved in Iron Trunk


Hyderabad: If you are one of those people who keep cash in your home or in a safe deposit box, this is a must-read. In one heartbreaking story, a pig farmer in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna found that the hard-earned money he had saved to buy a house had been completely destroyed by termites. The unfortunate incident happened on Tuesday when a 52-year-old pig farmer, Bijili Jamalayya, from Mylavaram City found out that termites had eaten 5 rupee notes in an iron vault. Read also – Do you keep cash in a safe deposit box? If so, this viral video is a must have!

In particular, Jamalayya had saved around 5 rupees to build his house by keeping himself and his family members away from luxury in order to achieve his dream. When unable to invest in his business, he opened the iron safe, but was devastated to find that his savings were being turned into trash. The termites had made large holes in the 500 and 200 rupee bundles, rendering them completely unusable. When Jamalayya saw his dream go down the drain, he cried loudly and collapsed, whereupon his family members learned of the termite infestation The New Indian Express. reported.

Locals later informed Mylavaram police after seeing damaged banknotes in his children’s hands. A heartbroken Jamalayya told police that he or his family members did not have a bank account and that he kept all of the money in the old suitcase box. The police have promised to help him financially if he is not involved in illegal activities.

I planned to build a house with my savings. But I was annoyed when there were holes on all the notes, ”the Hindu quoted the pig farmer as saying.

Recently, in a similar incident, an account holder in Gujarat’s Vadodara discovered that termites were eating his money, which was being kept in a safe deposit box. The bank account holder reportedly kept 2.20 lakh notes in the Pratap Nagar branch of the Bank of Baroda. When he opened the locker, he was shocked to see the money being eaten up by termites.