Man arrested for burning motel mattress to eliminate bedbugs


Wichita Falls firefighters were sent to a motel on the 1100 block of East Scott Thursday morning because of a fire in one of the rooms.

According to an arrest report:

Firefighters noticed flames and smoke from the room and discovered a burning mattress.

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A man at the scene, later identified as Michael Culipher, told firefighters that he set the mattress on fire using lighter fluid and a lighter. He said he did it because the motel management wouldn’t help him with bed bugs. WFFD fire investigators found Culipher sitting on the curb next to the room. He had black soot on his face and hands and told the investigator to take him to jail for deliberately setting fire to the mattress. Culipher was arrested and sent to prison for arson, a first degree crime.

His bail was set at $ 25,000 by a judge.