Lodge Employee Reveals Best Method To Detect Mattress Bugs

Hotel Worker Reveals Easiest Way To Detect Bed Bugs

A hotel worker pointed out the easiest way to spot bed bugs after check-in, which involves turning off the lights.

Travel expert Halee used TikTok to share some of her top tips for searching for bed bugs in hotel beds, how best to turn off the lights, and use the flashlight on your phone.

Halee posted the tips video after seeing a couple wake up with scars after being bitten by bed bugs at the hotel.

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Posting on her @haleewithaflair account, the TikTokker shared, “Here’s how to check your hotel room before you even unpack.”

“The first thing you should do is make sure your room is dark. Turn off the lights, close all the blinds and use the flashlight on your phone,” she shared.

“As long as everything is shut down, you can get under the covers here. This one has a mattress topper, but you’ll check under all the folds.”

Hotel and travel expert Halee shared some of her top tips for finding bed bugs in hotel beds on TikTok, sharing that the best method is to turn off the lights and use the flashlight on your phone. Image: Getty Images

Halee showed how a guest should check under the folds at the corner of their bed, adding, “They usually like to hang around in the corners and the folds.”

The creator also posted a follow-up video on what to do if you find bed bugs in your hotel room.

‘Number one; You’re going to want to photograph and document everything,” Halee explained, “that includes the time you checked in; room number…everything.

The expert advised to bring down the pictures and you will most likely get another room. She shared that it’s not uncommon for a staff member to personally inspect the new space.

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Should you find out “the hard way” and wake up with bed bug bites, Halee encourages putting everything in plastic bags.

“You don’t want to put that in your car – you want to seal everything up as best you can.”

Halee shared, “Remember, bed bugs can be found anywhere from the Ritz to the Red Roof and they’re really, really sneaky. Just because they’re in one room doesn’t mean they’re in all rooms.”