Kreider Farms transforms Recycle Manure into Residence Gardening Merchandise


Kreider Farms is still the only fully-functioning egg and dairy farm in the country. It is still a family owned and operated, real, working ranched farm Lancaster County, PA. Litter comes with cattle, and a few years ago Kreider Farms made the decision to turn their manure into two garden products: a Dehydrated Manure Mix Plus and an all-purpose potting soil. Kreider Farms is truly the only farm that can bring you premium fertilizer straight from the animals on their farm.

Both the manure mix and the potting soil are enriched with the special chicken and cow manure mix from Kreider Farms, which combines fresh, dried chicken manure with composted cow manure. This premium home and garden dehydrated fertilizer is great for starting seeds, hanging and potted plants, bulbs and vegetables. Both products are available now during the spring season at local retailers such as Giant and Redner’s, as well as other local retailers in and around the United States Lancaster County Area.

“Kreider Farms has always taken our commitment to the environment, sustainability and regenerative agriculture very seriously. That is why we have invested in the continuous innovation of our practices and technologies that improve our waste management, protect valuable water resources and generate clean energy. We have made it an essential one Part of our mission to be good stewards of the land. “- – Ron Kreider, President and CEO of the 3rd generation.

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About Kreider Farms
Although in family ownership since then Christian Hershey settled in Manheim in the early 1700s, Noah and Mary (Hershey) Kreider Kreider Farms officially opened in 1935 with 102 acres of land, a dozen dairy cows and 200 chickens. Now under the leadership of the third generation CEO Ron KreiderThe farm is still family owned but has grown to over 3,000 acres and 450 employees. Further information is available at

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