How Lubbock’s Pestering Insect Points May Grow to be A Factor Of The Previous


Yes, they’re nasty, disgusting little annoyances, and they’re EVERYWHERE this year.


If you have small, incontinent dogs like us who have to go out CONSTANTLY, it seems that when that door is open, half a dozen houseflies at any given time. So much so that I am actually shocked when there is NO fly buzzing around our bay window.

But now the tide has turned against the insect Taliban when I received the big compensation on my birthday.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

Meet the 2-in-1 4000 Volt YISSVIC Electric Fly Swatter and Bug Zapper … or as I call it:


That thing is BAD ASS.

As you can see it is rechargeable through a USB wall socket and it is KILLS BUGS DEAD for sure. It can be used as a murderous fly swatter or as a standalone insect zapper.

My choice, however, is … to walk around with this thing over my shoulder like Negan carries his bat in the Walking Dead, confident that I will rid my house of flying threats and keep the peace forever. I just turn it on, admire the purple light, aim at a fly … and then: BZZZZZWHACKZZHIP !!!

Bye, fly.

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Just as.

I firmly believe that the City of Lubbock should distribute this to every single residence in The Hub City. They only cost about $ 33 and it charges enough time for the city to definitely get money back on your electricity usage. Plus, they’re so damn cool.

I believe, as if I had this letter, I grilled no less than 30 flying nightmares and sent them to a fiery death of blue flame and a slight sound of roasted bacon. I highly recommend this thing.

And yes, I need serious help.

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