Grub Membership evaluate: My canine tried insect-based pet food

Grub Club review: My dog tried insect-based dog food

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Insects, as a more environmentally friendly source of protein, are very, very slowly finding their way as a delicacy among Westerners. “Eurgh,” you might say, but a recent report suggests that we need to reduce our meat consumption to avert the worst of the climate crisis, and insects may be the answer.

With pets responsible for 20 percent of the world’s fish and meat consumption, a London-based company called Grub Club turned to making insect-based dog food as a viable, eco-friendly alternative, and I wanted to see if my pooches would agree.

The thing is, finding food that my dog ​​Gatsby likes has taken a lot of work. He is a very picky eater. He gathers veggies from his bowl and spits them aside with disdain, leaving him to wreak havoc on the rest of his meaty raw diet without those gross veggies (and carrots) getting in his way.

But Gatsby is not only a picky eater, he also has a sensitive stomach and allergies that make him itchy and scratchy after eating something bad. He loves chicken, but it doesn’t quite suit his belly or skin. When I miraculously find something that he really enjoys, I have to make sure it matches his gut or we’re both in trouble.

Grub Club’s all-day dog ​​food buffet (from £11.69, and a range of treats – Sit Roll Treat Repeat (from £3.79,, Poop Perfector (from £3.49, Mygrubclub. com) and Canine Shine (from £3.49, – could well be the solution.

Made in the UK, Grub Club foods and treats are all grain free, come in fully recyclable packaging and are veterinary approved. The company uses the larvae of the black soldier fly as a source of protein. These flies are fed organic plant matter and come from two insect farms – Protix and Entocycle.

Grub Club says its food is not only eco-friendly, but also hypoallergenic. Described as “perfect for sensitive stomachs and itchy skin,” I may have just stumbled across the food of our dreams… if Gatsby liked it, that is.

As we tested

I’ve slowly introduced the All Day Buffet dog food into Gatsby’s diet over time, giving the treats both for training purposes on walks and to indulge him whenever I feel like it. Consistency, texture, packaging and size of the food were all examined.

I wanted to see if the dog food and treats would be right for his stomach and, just as important, if he would actually like the insect-based kibble. It’s all a dice roll with Gatsby and food, so I was curious to see how the vet-licensed Grub Club would fare.