Householders Suggested to Look ahead to Indicators of Termites


LOGAN, Utah, May 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Fox Pest Control, a premier provider of residential and commercial pest control services, encourages homeowners to educate themselves about signs of termite infestation and pest problems to avoid costly damage that could have been prevented.

According to experts, by the time a homeowner sees wood damage, the termites have most likely caused a significant amount of property destruction.

“It is estimated that termites cause more than that $ 5 billion every year in damage “, divided Brad Pitts, Termite expert and chief growth officer at Fox Pest Control. “Often this damage is not covered by basic homeowner insurance. The damage and cost can be significant, but it is highly preventable if homeowners remain vigilant and know what to do to prevent this costly damage.”

Signs of termites are:

  • Wings: One of the first signs of a termite problem is usually discarded wings around your home, e.g. B. Windows and doors when termites swarm.
  • Swarms: After their current colony has reached capacity, termites will search for their next home. Homeowners should be on the lookout for a mass of winged termites.
  • Mud hoses: Termites often build mud hoses on the foundation of a house to get from the nest to the wood food source and prevent exposure to the outside environment.
  • Wood Damage: Homeowners can see wood that appears to have water damage or has a maze-like shape in it. However, termites usually eat wood from the inside out. If you hear a hollow sound when you knock on wood, it could be a sign of a termite infestation.

“Because subterranean termites cannot store moisture in their bodies when exposed to the outside environment, termites can spend years damaging a home before they show any visible signs,” said Pitts. “By the time a homeowner sees wood damage, the termites have most likely destroyed a significant amount of property.”

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Fox Pest Control currently serves homeowners in select markets $ 100 from the Sentricon Always Active System, a preventive and ongoing termite protection product.

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