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Heading into summer season means swarming season for termites


BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – The beetles known to swarm and hang on to light sources at night are the ones that no one wants in their home or around them. For David Humphreys, however, he says he can’t avoid them after walking around outside at night.

“Suddenly I realized that it wasn’t mosquitos, but obviously another animal. Eventually I found out that it was a termite. I walked in and obviously didn’t notice that they got in my pockets and got dressed, ”describes Humphreys.

Fortunately, these insects don’t bite and it is normal to see a few around the house for this time of year.

“Right, we’ve had some really big swarms so far, starting around Mother’s Day. We had our first big crush there. We had another big one about three days ago, and we plan to have swarms every couple of nights through mid and late June, ”said Jacob Cohn, CEO of Arrow Termite & Pest Control.

A rule of thumb, says Cohn, is that homeowners don’t want to swarm more than 100 and want to eat away the walls of the house.

“When you see termites swarming, the only way they can start a colony is if they can find a suitable area, shelter, moisture and food to start a colony with. So if you have moisture issues in your home, make sure they are addressed as these are in the areas where termites can establish these colonies, ”adds Cohn.

There are ways you can stop these little guys from getting into your homes. One of them is setting up sentricons around the house. It’s a toxic bait that will keep termites from colonizing more colonies or simply get a professional to come out on a regular basis to check the house once a year. Just put on these little things to do the trick of keeping termites off homeowners and their homes.

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