Grounded is Buzzing With The Addition of Flying Bugs Like Bees and Mosquitos


The skies have become even more dangerous in Grounded’s latest update, in which developer Obsidian adds flying insects for the first time.

Now players have to grapple with bees the size of grizzly bears, bloodthirsty mosquitoes and glowing fireflies in the night sky. Of course, new insects on the farm also mean new craft items. With the items gained by attacking a bee, players can create new bee armor and a spear. If you take out a mosquito, you can make a mosquito needle rapier. Players can also craft a Firefly headlamp to guide the way on night outings.

This update also features some quality of life improvements such as: For example, the fact that equipped items do not take up inventory space and the ability to recover players without losing the equipped items to make the journey back to a lost backpack easier.

You can see these new updates in action on the Developer Vlog below! Grounded is out now for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One available through Xbox Game Pass