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A good pair of work gloves can be the unsung heroes of any construction site or workshop. Work gloves are often underestimated or taken for granted.

Materials and sizes

The most important thing to consider when choosing work gloves is the material. This is not a one-size-fits-all scenario: no single material is suitable for every purpose. A thick, sturdy material like leather is a smart choice for messy or dangerous outdoor chores, while a transparent and lightweight latex style is likely more effective for intricate chores or cleaning.

When purchasing work gloves, read the size information carefully. Work gloves are usually standard sizes, usually small to extra large, but the size specifications may not vary from brand to brand. In addition, thick-lined gloves can fit tighter than your normal size, thinner gloves. Note that prices may vary depending on the size selection.

As we rated

When evaluating a wide variety of work gloves, we took into account how well certain gloves perform their intended function. As a die-hard handyman and former construction company owner, I have worn many types of work gloves. Since I live in a cold-weather area with rapidly changing weather conditions, I particularly look for gloves with insulating or water-repellent properties (sometimes both). My tendency towards nicks and cuts also makes me a fan of gloves that protect against sharp edges. But for delicate projects that require fine motor skills and precision, I usually opt for slimmer gloves made of a lightweight material. So I resorted to my firsthand knowledge (no pun intended) in this area and also checked the feedback from hundreds of Amazon users.

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Great all-purpose choice

Ironclad General Utility

Material: leatherette
Best for: Mechanical work and general construction

These gloves are designed to help you get your job done safely and comfortably, with strategically placed reinforcements in the areas where your hands need them most. The flexibility and secure grip make them the ideal choice for working with complicated tasks or sensitive machines. The layer of reinforcing thermoplastic acts as a buffer that absorbs shocks and protects your ankles.

  • Reinforced in heavily used areas
  • Flexible and easy to grip
  • Some duties may require more protection than this couple offers

Best Carhartt model

Carhartt Men’s System 5 work gloves with safety cuff


$ 21.99

Material: Cotton with leather palms
Best for: Working outdoors in rough elements

Carhartt is a name that instantly conjures up visions of durable, well-made clothing designed for harsh and challenging conditions. These gloves definitely live up to the expectations you have of the brand. Amazon users rave about the endurance and the long lifespan of the gloves. The shell is made from a strong cotton duck fabric, while the palm is made from synthetic leather accented with suede palm patches. It also features a safety cuff for extra protection.

  • Durable materials
  • Longer safety cuff for additional protection
  • Suede patches are less breathable than woven fabrics

Magnetic comfort

Ozero leather work gloves with Flex Grip

• Material: leather
Best for: Construction and mechanical work

These gloves are thick and strong, but with a mesh lining to keep you cool. They also have extra grip – in the form of a removable magnet – so you don’t have to worry about things being dropped. The magnet can be attached to the cuff on either glove and is great for picking up nails or other small metal objects.

  • Removable magnet keeps small metal objects close at hand
  • Mesh lining wicks away sweat
  • The leather outside is not as breathable as woven fabrics

Breathable comfort

Handlandy Flexible Yard Work Gloves

• Material: Spandex shell and synthetic leather palm
Best for: Lawn work and house repairs

If there is one material that seems to be synonymous with stretch, it’s spandex. With these gloves, you can move your hands and fingers comfortably so that you can get your work done without unwanted stress and movement restrictions. The touchscreen-friendly fingertips are a nice touch and come in handy when you need to answer a quick call or look something up on your phone.

  • Stretchy
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Not as handy as some models

Easily and effectively

G&F Products double-coated work gloves

G&F products

$ 15.05

• Material: Rubber and latex
Best for: Cleaning and maintenance work

Sold in a pack of 12, these reusable knitted gloves are cheap enough that you can afford to have lots of pairs on hand wherever you need them. Stash a few pairs in your tool box, in the trunk of your car, or wherever else you are for quick repairs. The double dipped latex coating keeps messy substances away from your skin.

  • Attractively priced
  • Latex coating prevents hands from getting dirty
  • Less robust protection than some models

Excellent grip

Midwest Gloves & Gear Max Grip

Midwest gloves & gear

$ 8.82

• Material: Nylon spandex
Best for: Working in wet or slippery conditions

These gloves are one of my personal favorites and I have several pairs in my house and shed right now. I recently used them on a masonry project and was impressed with how well they protected my hands from scuffs and scratches without compromising grip. They would also be great choices for landscaping and gardening maintenance.

  • Protection that does not sacrifice dexterity or grip
  • A thinner construction is not suitable for the cold or more dangerous tasks

Almost weightless

KAYGO KG15P Nylon Lite work gloves

• Material: Nylon and polyurethane
Best for: Assembly and light tasks

If your favorite glove type is one that will make you forget you are wearing gloves in the first place, this is for you. The KG15P is so light and flexible that you can work comfortably without distractions or restrictions. This pack of 12 is a smart choice for tasks that require fine motor skills and require manual dexterity.

  • Some projects require more protection than these offer

Ideal for mechanics

Mechanix Wear The Original Glove

Mechanix Wear

$ 24.53

• Material: leatherette
Best for: Automotive work and general repairs

As you can probably guess from the name, these gloves are great for mechanical repairs, but they do well for a wide variety of tasks. The moisture-repellent TrekDry synthetic material is breathable, comfortable and protects your hands from overheating. The construction of these gloves ensures a safe and sensitive grip and makes them perfect for drivers or complicated assembly work.

  • Some customers report shelf life issues


Wells Lamont 1132S work gloves

Wells Lamont

$ 15.41

• Material: leather
Best for: Tasks with sharp materials

These gloves are puncture resistant to protect your hands when handling sharp objects or abrasive materials. The hard-wearing, reinforced leather ensures that these gloves will last a long time even with regular use under strenuous conditions. The ergonomic design prevents strain and discomfort, while the tight-fitting wrist fasteners keep dirt away from the hands.

  • Comfortable and protective
  • Some people report problems with the durability of the seams

Ultimate protection

RAPICCA gloves for handling animals

• Material: Split cowhide and kevlar-insulated cotton
Best for: Jobs with pets and wildlife

Dealing with wildlife or any unpredictable animal of any kind can be dangerous work that requires specially made equipment. These Kevlar-reinforced gloves protect your hands from bites and scratches, and the 16-inch sleeves protect your forearms. The gloves are also heat-resistant and can prevent chemicals from coming into contact with your skin.

  • Long cuffs protect the forearms
  • Strong materials are more prone to overheating

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