Gardening With Fred Breglia And Karoline Hart 5/12/21


Today we’re talking to arborist Fred Breglia of Landis Arboretum and Karoline Hart of Known Source Farm in Ballston Lake about gardening and growing vegetables.

Arborist Fred Breglia is the director of the Landis Arboretum in Esperance, New York. Fred has been with the Landis Arboretum for over 15 years, initially as Director of Horticulture and Operations and since 2010 as Executive Director. He holds a degree in Landscaping, Plant Science and Horticulture from SUNY Cobleskill. He is an ISA certified arborist with over 25 years of experience in the green industry.

Karoline Hart has been running a vegetable farm called Known Source Farm in Ballston Lake, New York, since 2015. Karoline manages almost two hectares of dense vegetable production and sells them through a community-supported agricultural program. Karoline uses eco-friendly growing practices and low and no-till methods to grow food for her community. She hopes to be able to answer your questions about the vegetable garden and to help you grow in a regenerative and soil-oriented manner!

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