Gardening Q&A: Give luffa house, time and a good rein


A. That’s very cool! It sounds like your daughter is doing just fine with her pumpkins without my help. Luffa – Luffa aegyptiaca – belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, which includes pumpkins, gourds, and cucumbers. The specific epitaph indicates that it came from the Nile Valley in northeastern Africa – Egypt. In the 17th century, a European explorer, Johann Vesling, called it “Egyptian cucumber” and coined the term “loofah”, which comes from Arabic. The term loofah or loofah refers to the fruit that, when harvested at an early age, can be eaten. It is popular as an edible fruit in Vietnam, India, and China. However, as you know, it can also be harvested at the end of its growth and processed for use as a sponge.