Gardening in Nevada class discusses planting to draw birds


Extension and its certified master gardeners offer “Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series”. The series, which is online via Zoom this year, is intended for anyone who wants to work in the garden – for those with large yards, small yards, or just space on the patio or balcony. These courses, offered in partnership with Bartley Ranch and Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space, are free and run every Tuesday, March 9-30, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The courses are taught by horticulturalists, experts and certified volunteer master gardeners, as well as local business owners. For some classes, continuing education units from the International Society of Arboriculture may be available. The next three classes are:

  • March 9th: Gardening is for the birds – Suzanne Adams, Extension Master Gardener volunteer, will discuss which plants encourage wild birds to visit and perhaps build houses in the garden. Plants provide food and habitat for many migratory birds and those that stay in the area year-round. Adams will identify some of the most common birds and their preferred plants for both diet and home. The discussion will focus on techniques to keep these plants healthy. Register online for gardening is for the birds.
  • March 16: in theSect pests of the vegetable garden – Melody Hefner, Urban extension in theThe coordinator of the integrated pesticide management and safety education program will discuss the identification and in theIntegrated Pest Control (IPM) for common in theCult pests of the vegetable garden. IPM measures in theThese include prevention, cultural controls and hygiene, mechanical or physical controls, biological controls, and chemical controls. Early detection of in theCult pests and the implementation of pest control plans can be significantly reduced in theCult pests in the Vegetable gardens. Register online for insect pests in the vegetable garden.
  • March 23rd: native plants in the the landscape – Heidi Kratsch, specialist in horticulture, will present the advantages of in theto corporation native plants in thein the landscape, shows photos of a large number of well-suited native plants for our region and discusses their growth conditions, care and maintenance. Register online for native plants in the landscape.

“The classes, which vary from year to year based on the needs of the local community, provide the why and how of people who live, grow and reap in our region of northern Nevada.” Rachel McClure, the master gardener’s coordinator for Washoe County expansion, said.

For more in theEducation on “Gardening in the Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series ”or for general horticulture in theAsk Extension at 775-784-4848 or visit the Extension website. people in the If you need special accommodation or assistance you should call at least three days in advance of the scheduled event.