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VIENNA – The coldest winter days are right on time for the annual Fridays in the Library Librarying webinar series sponsored by the Wood County Master Gardeners here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an explosion in renewed interest in gardening! Skilled gardeners with youngsters and novices grow vegetables in traditional gardens, raised beds and containers across America. Whether you are in small towns, large cities, suburbs, or in the country, people want to garden.

The Garden Education Webinar Series “Fridays in the library” celebrates its seventh year and takes place every Friday in February at 11 a.m. Due to COVID-19, this program will be a zoom webinar format. All gardening enthusiasts, experts and beginners are welcome.

The workshops are sponsored by the Wood County Master Gardeners, the WVU Extension Service, and the Vienna Public Library, and are free and open to the public. Door prices such as packets of seeds and herbs are offered. You can join the zoom at The zoom address is the same every week.

“2020 showed us the importance of gardening for family food production and emotional wellbeing. New and experienced gardeners are hungry for knowledge. “ Robin Clark, Wood County Master Gardener, said. “The Fridays in the Library” webinars provide a platform to interact with people with common interests and have questions answered by knowledgeable experts. “

The attendees are thrilled, said JJ Barrett, agricultural agent for the WVU Extension Service.

“Whether you grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, gardening can be especially enjoyable and an excellent source of fresh food.” he said.

Barrett is accompanied by master gardeners at each session to answer personal gardening questions.

“Fridays in the library are an excellent opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to exchange knowledge and learn and apply new skills. Beyond the educational value, it’s always fun to interact with people with similar interests. “ Barrett said.

Well-being and stress relief are more important than ever, he said.

“Research has shown the benefits of gardening, including developing healthy eating habits, reducing stress, increasing physical activity, and adopting a more positive outlook on life.” Barrett said.

The webinar series covers gardening topics such as planting vegetable seeds and gardening in containers.

All workshops start at 11 a.m. at Zoom at The address is the same every week.

Small space gardening will be discussed with Evan Wilson of WVU Extension in Cabell County on February 5th. Barrett will be teaching Starting Seeds at home.

Many Mid-Ohio Valley residents are planning improvement projects this year to make the home and the countryside around it a nicer, more relaxing, and more enjoyable place for the family. Jim Gottfried from Greenleaf Landscape will speak about choosing flowering shrubs and perennials on February 12th. Attendees will also learn about growing heirloom squash for the vegetable garden in summer.

On February 19, Sheldon Owens, Wildlife Specialist for WVU Extension, will speak to Songbirds of West Virginia about the diversity and beauty of native birds here in the mountain state. Many gardening enthusiasts build up organic matter and use cover crops to prevent weeds. Cover Crops for the Garden will feature Barrett.

Building soil fertility is an essential part of gardening. Understanding your floor test results will be the focus with Barrett on February 26th. Jason Nulton of Balance Holdings will speak to Indoor Aquaculture about Growing Greens.

For more information, contact Barrett at 304-424-1960 or email

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