Extension’s Gardening in Nevada lessons return in February


Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series returns in February to help both new gardeners and those who already have a green thumb hone their gardening skills. Led by the University of Nevada, Reno Extension and its certified master gardeners, and offered in partnership with Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space, these classes are free and take place every Tuesday, February 7 – March 28, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m :00 p.m. at Bartley Ranch Regional Park, 6000 Bartley Ranch Road in Reno.

“From patio and balcony areas to those with small or large gardens, these courses are ideal for anyone who wants to learn the whys and hows from people who live, grow and harvest in our northern Nevada area,” Rachel McClure, Master Gardener’s Washoe County Expansion Coordinator, said.

Classes are taught by certified Extension Master Gardener volunteers who have experience of living and gardening in northern Nevada. International Society of Arboriculture continuing education units may be available for some courses. Classes include:

  • February 7: Fruit tree selection – Extension Master Gardener and retired certified arborist Michael Janik will speak about the needs of fruit trees in northern Nevada, including soil, USDA zones, cold periods, watering and pest control. He will also talk about fruit varieties he has grown and is currently growing to determine their suitability for our climate.
  • February 14: Let’s talk tomatoes – Extension Master Gardener Beth Heggeness will discuss how to plan a grow and how to successfully grow tomatoes in northern Nevada.
  • February 21: Gardening for pollinatorss – Extension Master Gardener Barbara Fenne will explore different types of native, non-native and widespread plants and garden structures to encourage and support pollinators. She will talk about insects including honey and native bees, wasps and many other tiny flying creatures in our gardens and the aspects of integrated pest management they support.
  • February 28: What lives in the night garden? — Learn what’s crawling around in your garden while you sleep as expansion master gardeners Shari Elena Quinn and Linda Fulton explore useful and non-useful garden nightlife.
  • March 7: Prune and train fruit trees – Extension Master Gardener Michael Janik will present the basics of fruit tree pruning and how trees react to pruning. He will discuss size control with appropriate root stocks, how proper early training will reduce the need for pruning as the tree matures and when pruning is needed. Step-by-step instructions for training fruit trees as central leaders, open centers, and trellises are discussed.
  • March 14: Success with succulents — Expand your knowledge with tips, tricks, and methods for succeeding with succulents for your garden beds and containers with Liz Morrow, the volunteer expansion master gardener. Together we explore the difference between cacti and succulents, hardy or soft, and which plants thrive best in our high desert climate.
  • March 21: Food preservation plants — There is more to preserving your harvest than canning. Extension Master Gardeners Doreen Spiers and Cindy Edwards show you how to plant for your family’s needs, which fruits and vegetables are best, different container options, and alternative preservation methods.
  • March 28: Successful vegetable garden — Expansion Master gardener Randy Robison will share his secrets of harvesting bountiful, award-winning produce from soil and raised beds in our high-desert climate. He will share information on modifying the soil to help plants thrive, the importance of crop rotation, strategies to increase yields, the benefits of companion planting and how to repel unwanted pests.

You can register for the series online.

For more information on Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series or for general gardening inquiries, contact Extension at 775-784-4848 or visit the Extension website. Individuals requiring special housing or assistance should contact Paul Lessick, Civil Rights and Compliance Coordinator, at plessick@unr.edu or 702-257-5577 with their needs or for more information at least five days prior to the scheduled event.