Every little thing To Know About Kinsects



  • Powerful relatives must be bought in the forge
  • Higher rarity Glaives unlock better kinsects in the shop
  • Each Kinsect type has different skills

The Insect Glaive has received a few new moves and changes in Monster Hunter Rise, including adjustments to the way Kinsects are acquired and improved.

Unlike the sprawling Kinsect upgrade tree in Monster Hunter World, the system in Rise is much simpler. Kinsects no longer need to be upgraded in the forge like weapons are upgraded. Instead, players just have to buy new ones.

Most kinsects, however, will be locked behind the advancement of the weapon rarity. This means that players will need to craft an insect jar of a certain rarity before they can buy a better Kinsect. This is not a problem for Insect Glaive nets, but it can be problematic for those switching from other types of weapons.

Why upgrade?

Gear advancement is one of the pillars of Monster Hunter Rise game design, and upgrading a Kinsect is just as important as upgrading Insect Glaives itself. This is because each Kinsect has different stats and traits, ultimately one crucial Play a role in the play style of Insect Glaive.

A hunter with an insect shine battles a jyuratodus in Monster Hunter Rise Photo: Capcom

Upgrading Kinsects will not only allow hunters to do more damage, but each type of Kinsect will allow players to find an insect jar hunting style that they are comfortable with.

Kinsect types

There are four types of Kinsect: Normal, Powder, Speed ​​and Assist.

Normal kinsects are basic types that have no clear characteristics. These are often replaced by other kinsects or used for challenge runs.

Powder types are kinsects that leave clouds of powder behind when they hit a monster. These powder clouds detonate when hit and cause certain effects depending on their type.

Speed-type kinsects charge while mounted on the hunters’ arms. As soon as they glow blue, they deal additional damage the next time they land.

Assist Kinsects are the latest addition to Rise and help players deal more damage by flying out to hit monsters during Insect Glaive’s attack combinations.

Kinsect statistics

Kinsects have three statistics: strength, speed, and healing, all of which are self-explanatory. Higher kinsects have higher scores, and different kinsects specialize in one of these three.

Kinsects with high speed stats (not to be confused with the speed types) are generally preferred by the community because they can extract buffs faster than the others. Fast moving kinsects greatly reduce downtime between buff periods and allow players to stay on the offensive.