DeFuniak Springs police are uninterested in sharing their present constructing with rodents |


DEFUNIAK SPRINGS Fla. (WMBB) – About as long as the DeFuniak Springs Police Department was in their current building, so have other creatures.

Walton Commissioners and current staff said rodents had been sighted multiple times in their building. However, this is not the only reason they want to move.

Defuniak Springs Police Department is moving locations from Highway 90 to the old Walton County Health Department off Highway 83.

“Some people are like a hotel or a motel or something, and it might have been at some point,” said DeFuniak Springs City Marshal James Hurley.

Hurley said they moved to their current location in the 90s. It was originally built in 1933.

“There are sometimes rodents that pop up from time to time and we try to eradicate them and keep them out of the workplace to keep a healthy environment for you,” Hurley said.

And he said old wiring was another problem. If it were inspected, he doesn’t think it would happen.

Many of the Walton County Commissioners said they remembered working at this location on Highway 90 when they were in law enforcement many years ago. Inspector Mike Barker said he remembered taking special care to wipe evidence that creepy crawfish had everywhere to make sure it was kept safe.

“I know you need a new building. There is no doubt, ”said Commissioner Barker.

The Walton Commission has accepted a motion to help the police relocate at their meeting on Tuesday.

“The city doesn’t always have the best sources of income,” said Hurley. “So the goal was to find outlets and partners who would work with us to achieve some of these goals. The Walton County Commission came through to help us get a project started. “

Hurley said at the moment that they are looking at USDA for funding and grants to kickstart the demolition so they can hopefully move in the next year and a half.