Beware! Termites are out in full drive & pest specialists clarify how one can management them


NEW ORLEANS- Termite swarming time is around dusk, especially after heavy rainfall. You’ve probably noticed these pesky pests in the past few days.

“They swarm out and it’s something that is apocalyptic every year,” said Jared LaJaunie of LaJaunies Pest & Termite Control.

It’s that time of year again when the termites are in full force.

“If you live in New Orleans you get used to it somehow, but if you are scared when they come into your house,” he said.

LaJaunie said the best thing to do if you are worried about termites in your home is to get a professional to inspect your home.

“There are two houses in Louisiana, houses that have had termites or will have termites, no doubt about that,” he said.

LaJaunie says there are a number of termite treatments out there, but they recommend the termite bating system called Treiona.

Be careful how many termites you see in your home.

“By the time you have ten, they’ve most likely flown in a bit if they cover your kitchen floor an inch deep. You definitely have a problem and you might want to get someone out, ”LaJaunie said.

Another pest to watch out for this year is cicadas.

“This year it is predicted that they will come out of hibernation and come up from the ground. If they do, they will literally come out like a million dollar biblical plague, ”he said.

He said the main concern with them is damaging your shipyards.

“They sprayed the lawns so they wouldn’t destroy your lawns,” he said.

Whether termites or cicadas, pest experts say you need to take care of the problem.

“Like everything in life, if you don’t take preventative measures, you can take negative precautions,” LaJaunie said.

You can find more information about the services LaJaunie offers HERE.

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