Backyard: Gardening jobs for January – what to do in yours now

Garden: Gardening jobs for January – what to do in yours now

Chris Bonnett is the CEO of

It won’t be long before your garden springs back to life as early bulbs start poking their heads through the soil to create a happy spectacle.

But there are still plenty of options to keep your mind busy, especially if you are planning some larger garden projects in 2023.

Consider creating new flower beds or even raised beds for easier planting and more focus on display.

And what about a fruit and vegetable patch? Also, consider setting up a seating or entertaining area if you don’t already have one.

If this is one of the projects you have planned for 2023, January is a good time to lay the groundwork and start preparing.

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Vegetable patch

It’s never too early to start the vegetable patch. Consider having raised beds designed and built—the soil warms up faster in these and they drain better. If you’ve grown vegetables before, make sure you remove any leftovers from last year. Prepare your soil, prepare seedbeds and cover to warm the soil and keep it dry. Also, think about what you want to grow year-round to allow for good crop rotation and prevent soil bugs and diseases.

fruit growing

If you are planning to plant an orchard this year, early spring is a good time to start planning. Think about what you want to grow and whether there is enough space in your garden for it.

If your plot is small, look at dwarf varieties. Bare root fruit trees can be planted this month. Ideally, plant in a spot with full sun and plenty of room for the branches to grow. Make sure your soil, if not soggy or frozen, is well prepared before planting – this will give your tree the best chance of success.

planning a terrace

Now is a good time to plant a patio so you can get started on that job right away, before the spring rush begins. Before you start digging and buying paving stones, think about the size of the patio area, how you will use this feature in the garden, and what type of paving stones you want.

Local stone, such as York Stone, is a good option. Bear in mind that laying a good deck is not easy – it can be a job that you need to involve the professionals in.

Check your tools

Have your gardening tools checked to ensure they are in good condition and ready for a year in the garden. Clean, oil and sharpen the ones that need some attention and make a list of the ones you need to buy new.