TikTok ‘Bugs Bunny’ Problem: Easy methods to Do It? New Development Explodes on Social Media Platform!


TikTok has a new trend on its platform: users turn around to complete the challenge and share their version of the “Bugs Bunny” challenge on social media for other users or fans to see. The challenge is to make the user look like a rabbit using their feet with socks, create an illusion that rabbit ears are behind them, and capture them on video.

(Photo: Salsa Sauce via YouTube Screenshot)

Popular Chinese social media and short video application, TikTok, has been the center of most of the trends and challenges since it became a widespread application around the world that featured famous influencers. Additionally, TikTok has made the center of the trends that it uses hip and widely used songs that are used for its videos.

There have been several challenging songs, and some of them include the “Renegade” challenge with K CAMP’s “Renegade”, “Death Bed by Powfu” and even hits from earlier decades or the 20th century. Unsurprisingly, TikTok is starting a new trend, especially if influencers or massive names have weathered the challenge too.

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‘Bugs Bunny’ challenge: what is it and how does it work?

The song came from the Russian hip-hop artists Timati and Egor Creed called “Gucci”, but was then edited by the artists “Gerda and DARI” with a slow reverberation that was the popular TikTok piece for this trend. Initially, the song follows a fast pace, but the edit slowed it down, focusing on the line where the rappers say “Bugs Bunny”.

The origins of the trend were unknown and TikToker are unsure how the song showed up in the application, which gives the 2018 song a new voice and popularity as it has been used by multiple content creators. The song has a part where the words “Bugs Bunny” were uttered repeatedly and for some reason this became a turning point for the trend.

How do I do the TikTok Bugs Bunny Challenge?

Bugs Bunny TikTok Challenge

(Photo: Salsa Sauce via YouTube Screenshot)

The TikTok Bugs Bunny Challenge has a few elements in its development, but most importantly it requires two accessories. These are the mobile smartphone to record the clip and a sock to wear on the feet. Other than this requirement, there are no longer any needs for the Bugs Bunny Challenge and do like the popular ones.

After wearing the socks, users would have to memorize some of the repetitive “Bugs Bunny” words in the song along with some Russian phrases that come after the name of the “Looney Tunes” character. Additionally, users would have to lie down, either flat on the floor or in bed, stand on their elbows, play the song, and position their sock feet right on top of their heads to resemble rabbit ears.

The TikTok challenge required users to open their feet into a “V” shape every time the word “Bugs Bunny” was pronounced to highlight the bunny ears. From then on, users can choreograph their feet to a closed or V position while the song plays and perform the Bugs Bunny challenge.

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