The place to Discover Termites in Grounded


To find termites in Grounded, players should explore the Woodpile Termite Den, a biome in the northwest corner of the courtyard.

Find termites in the termite den in Grounded

Termites are a dangerous species of insect found in the Upper Yard in Grounded and serve “Tier 3” Ant variants that players will encounter in the late game stages of their playthrough. Upon death, these creatures drop Acid Glands, Tough Gunk, Termite Parts, and Termite Chompers. Specifically, Termite Chompers are used to craft the Termite Axe, a Tier 3 chopping tool needed to harvest Lint Clumps. Termite Parts can be used to craft Termite Armor, Termite Joy, or Repair Glue, which is essential for repairing advanced tools and armor.


While red and black ants roam most of the backyard, grounded termites prefer to stay away from sunlight and reside in dark underground areas, namely the shelter and termite cavity. These two locations are in the top left corner of the in-game map, northwest of Koi Pond. The Undershed serves more as a gauntlet than a typical biome, as it is teeming with all manner of dangerous creatures. Therefore, those who are only looking for termites are recommended to visit the termite cave.

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To reach the termite den in Grounded, players must travel to the shed environment northwest of the grasslands. After passing the BBQ Spill, continue north to eventually reach the Woodpile in Grounded, where there are two termite den entrances. The lower entrance can be accessed from the ground, while the upper entrance requires some climbing and parkour. However, players can easily slide to this raised spot by climbing the wooden two-by-four near the porch of the shed and jumping off the handle of the woodpile’s ax.

Find termites in Grounded

Location of termite cave map in Grounded

The termite cave at Grounded should always be teeming with termites and termite soldiers. If players go deep enough into the cave, they will encounter the Termite King, the mini-boss guarding the Woodpile BURG.L chip. Before facing these termite variants, it’s important to understand the weaknesses of this creature type. Termites are weak to the Salty element but resistant to the Fresh and Pungent. Also, while Grounded, that enemy takes increased damage from piercing attacks.

The Grounded Wiki states that rapier and spear type weapons can inflict stabs, including all arrow types. For close combat, the Rusty Spear or the Tiger Mosquito Rapier would be the best armaments to farm termites Grounded. Players looking to do even more damage can use their Forge Station to add Salty to their weapons by using Salt Globs. The recipe for these orbs can be unlocked using the Sandbox BURG.L chip located in the Sandbox Lab Outpost.

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Source: Grounded Wiki