The Parade Grounds are buzzing with a brand new insect following Hurricane Ida | Information


We’re pretty used to bugs in South Louisiana, but these critters are home to LSU.

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LSU’s Parade Grounds are home to a vast ecosystem of bugs, but it appears that a new threat is floating around.

With the students returning to campus, the Parade Grounds have held a large population of hornets. The hornets can fly along the edge of the site in search of materials to rebuild.

Due to the devastation of Hurricane Ida, these bugs have teamed up with us for relief. Their nests were drowned by the heavy rain from the hurricane, causing a mass rush.

The grounds are home to many other species of living things, but the hornets are dominant in the eyes of students.

While they only seem interested in looting now, some people, like LSU student Olivia Troxclair, still feel intimidated by the invasion.

“They make me feel like going to my class is just difficult. It’s difficult to go to the union without a hornet around me. And I don’t feel like my life is in danger, but it doesn’t make me happy, ”said Troxclair.

The exit of the hornets from campus is uncertain, so be careful and don’t provoke them if they are spotted.