Termites eat Rs 5 lakh money saved by man| Termites feast on Rs 5 lakh money saved by man to construct a brand new home


Termites eat Rs 5 lakh of cash saved by humans for a new house

Vijayawada: A Vijayawada pig farmer suffered the biggest shock of his life on Tuesday after discovering termites turned his hard-earned savings into junk.

Jamalayya, a local pork seller from Mylavaram, had kept Rs 5 lakh cash in a trunk of his house and was planning to use it to build a new home for his family, according to a News Minute report.

Unable to invest in a business, he decided to open his old trunk to check his savings. When he finally opened it, he found that his life’s savings were being devoured by termites.

Jamalayya wanted to check the money as he had to repay the debt. He couldn’t take the shock and screamed out loud before falling to the floor.

Upon discovery, Jamalyya’s family emptied the trunk and tried to save what was left. The savings had banknotes of Rs 500, Rs 200, Rs 100, Rs 20 and Rs 10.

Locals brought the matter to Mylavaram police after seeing the torn banknotes in the hands of children.

Jamalayya collapsed while police searched for the details of the cash. He said it was saving his life to buy a new house.

Moved by the incident, officials from the Bank of Baroda in Vijayawada turned to Jamalayya for compensation.

“Depending on how much the Bank of Baroda will pay, we will schedule a panchnama on the balance and send it to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI),” said an official.

To add to the family’s problems, they don’t even have a bank account. However, the police have promised to extend the aid.

Last year a dog ate approximately 100 pounds (9,800 rupees) from its owner’s savings.

Jocelyn Horne of the Isle of Man had saved money in a pot by her bed. Her pet Peggy chewed on all of the notes she found in the pot.

When Jocelyn got home from work, her partner Allan told her about the money.

She thought he was playing a prank on her. However, she was in disbelief when she saw a torn £ 20 bill in her room.