What does the sound of urban expansion, social chaos and lockdown frustration sound like when conveyed through the prism of a British bluesman and an experienced Brazilian, now American punk guitarist. Well, all you have to do is listen to the latest music editions from Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher to find out. Her soon-to-be-released long player Bone Architecture is an irreconcilable search for urban punk blues with whirled up jazz and garage trash rock. The bluesy, story-based music from Stafford & Butcher winds its way uncompromisingly through genres and is raw around the edges while willingly sucking you in – a raw sound diamond, so to speak.

Harry Stafford talks about her new single “Termite City”:

“Termite City is a dirty city celebration that always stops no matter what people throw at it. Bombs, riots, Scottish football fans, demolition, poor planning. The people love this city and will do everything possible to protect it and despite their cynicism they can’t help but be proud.

Show a little love. A city is a termite tower where thousands of people work to find their way. This termite tower is Manchester; Termites even build cathedral mounds.

“Jazz supremo Kevin Davy plays the trumpet on this track and it’s one of his best work ever, IMO, and one of the best collaborations I’ve had on my record. The cat can blow. “

Their new 12-track album features reworked older material, brand new compositions and even a dirty blues version of the Pink Floyd classic “Arnold Layne”.

A legend in his home town of Manchester, Stafford is the founder, guitarist and singer of the Manchester-based post-punk gothic rocker Inca Babies. This album gets hotter and contains more aggressive tracks than his last two solo works (Guitar Shaped Hammers and Gothic Urban Blues) which were less hectic and centered around piano, trumpets and blues guitar.

Marco Butcher is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina. A prolific artist, he has recently released music with The Jam Messengers, Chicken Snake, and The Jesus and The Groupies. Focusing on the American underground of blues, jazz, rockabilly and screaming punk blues, he has worked with Hugo Race as well as members of Tex and the Horseheads, Pussy Galore, Gumball, The Gories, Gibson Brothers, Jerry Teel, The Oblivians, and Die Working dogs.

“There is something magical about working together because you don’t share ideas and you are in the moment at the same time. There is something about not knowing what the other is bringing. . the surprise factor. The fact that music is very elastic and is not always what you hear it in your mind, but something else, something cooler, bigger, ”says Marco Butcher.

“I think mutual respect has a lot to do too, sharing the same ideas about music and life … For a while Inca Babies was This Train … when I decided NOT to die. This album was what I heard the most. “

From August 20th, Termite City will be available online everywhere, including Spotify and Apple Music. The Bone Architecture LP will be released on September 3rd via Black Lagoon Records – digitally and on CD. Both formats can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp at https://harrystafford.bandcamp.com/album/bone-architecture


Harry Stafford – vocals, piano, guitar
Marco Butcher – drums, percussion, bass, saxophone, guitars, vibraphone
Kevin Davy – horns
Written by Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher
Produced and mastered by Marco Butcher in the Boombox Studio
Catalog no. BLRCD0055

Video created by Harry Stafford

A few weeks ago, Stafford and Butcher released this more bluesier track:

Harry Stafford & Marco Metzger
(Black Lagoon Shots)
Release DATE: August 20, 2021

Harry Stafford left

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Photo credit: Allie Jade Butcher & Harry Stafford