Rodents or roaches? See the place Houston lands for many roach infestations within the U.S.


HOUSTON – Nobody likes to deal with cockroaches or rodents.

But if you call H-Town home, the chances are high that these little pests will invade your space.

Houston is the No. 1 city with the most cockroach infestations, according to Apartment Guide’s American Houston Survey.

The study found that the average percentage of cockroach sightings in Houston is 35%, compared to the national average of 11%. Atlanta’s cockroach average came in second at 29%, while Miami comes in at 26%.

In fact, roaches are more common in the south, with sightings averaging 25%.

However, the survey found that the opposite is true for rodents in the south, with the average percentage of rodent sightings being only 4%.

While the national average for rodent sightings is 11.9 percent, the average sighting in the north is 16%.


The three cities with the most rodent infestations were Philadelphia with 19%, Boston with 18%, and Washington, DC with 16%.

Would you prefer to deal with rodents or cockroaches? Let us know in the comments.

Prevention tips

– Keep the rooms clean by regularly cleaning your apartment, clearing out the trash, regularly mopping countertops, sweeping and mopping to remove crumbs.

– Examine your building for cracks in the wall, leaks in the pipes, sagging roofs, and other structural problems.

– Store garbage properly and store food properly.

– Repair rot caused by water damage, cracks or holes.

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