Rodents, bugs plaguing employees at Crown Prosecution workplace in south


The workers at the Southern Branch of the Prosecutor’s Office are at their wit’s end as they work in an office infested with insects and rodents.

Some employees, who spoke to Loop News on condition of anonymity, say they are faced with rodent and termite droppings and roaches on a daily basis.

“There is a rat threat in our office. The rodents eat our case files and office furniture,” explained one employee.

To make matters worse, the office doesn’t have running water.

Another employee described roaches crawling across desks and floors, crawling into urinals, and jumping out of desk drawers.

Some employees also reported being bitten by bugs in the office.

“Conditions are a mess so we will now be working from home until they sort this out,” said another employee.

It is also alleged that staff had to work on surfaces that may have been contaminated with rat urine; A situation health officials are emphasizing puts workers at serious risk of contracting leptospirosis, which can be deadly.

Meanwhile, the Castries office is also struggling, including a lack of air conditioning.

Prosecutors fall under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, which is headed by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.